from paper to steel

About six days in the metal workshop. That’s how long it has taken me to complete the first 1:1 prototype of the lounge version of my furniture for public parks and squares in Copenhagen.
It’s been almost two years since I was last in a metal workshop. And I must admit – my welding abilities have unfortunately not improved. But at least I get to improve my grinding, filing and sanding abilities.

Going from the *.dwg files to an actual prototype is not just a matter of going to the workshop and start to cut and bend metal. I had to cut my 3D computer model into smaller pieces that all had to be drawn in one plan and then printed in 1:1 This resulted in the below photo.

steel overview

Overview of the pieces of steel needed for my chair

From the pieces of bend steel, that had been cut to size. I had to weld the thing together.

To help me – and ensure that the prototype is not completely crooked I build a jig out of MDF to help put it together as I spot welded the chair.

in the metal workshop
For the seat and back I had not quite decided on how the seat would be attached to the frame, or what the seat should look like. But for this prototype I decided to go with strips of steel in two different widths.

This might be altered for the final prototype. I also experimented with different ways of attaching the seat. And decided to attach the seat with welds that have been ground down so that the seat and frame seem to be one coherent object.

lounge chair prototype

prototype lounge chair – sandblasted and waiting to be finished

What I need to do now is decide on the finish for the prototype. I have not  quite decided whether to give it a clear coat of lacquer, paint it, or something different. But at least now I have a 1:1 prototype which I must look at closely and decide where the changes are needed the most for the finial version. And whether or not it is painted does not influence the dimensions, size or shape.



Matthias Dyrkjaer Kisch is a design student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. My main focus, and where my interest lies, is furniture design, architecture on a small scale and design on a large scale . I work with a very hands-on process with many prototypes, models and mockups along with computer and hand drawings.

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