A word cloud for furniture design

An easy tool for collecting and organizing thoughts generated in the initial process, and from registrations, brain storms, etc, is the use of word clouds.

It creates a graphical and easily understandable representation of ones thoughts and how they are valued – or how they are organized according to importance for the project, or further investigations.
In my word cloud the user is at the centre. From the user at the center, there are many thoughts that radiate out – some more important than others.
The size of the words might not necessarily indicate importance, but instead that I need to give it more thought in the following couple of weeks compared to some of the smaller

Word cloud for furniture design

word cloud for furniture design 


About dyrkjaer.dk

Matthias Dyrkjaer Kisch is a design student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. My main focus, and where my interest lies, is furniture design, architecture on a small scale and design on a large scale . I work with a very hands-on process with many prototypes, models and mockups along with computer and hand drawings.

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