theory & method

Through a series of lectures titled: “Theory & Method 2”. We had to work with the question of: What is public space?

As well as attending the series of lectures, the master students of the School of Architecture also had to comment and discuss this question through a series of 4 texts and 4 section drawings of a specific site in Copenhagen.

The 4 drawings and texts had to discuss in an essay form, different forms of public space contra private space, the definitions of scale, the meaning of a site, and the architectural program.

The texts are in Danish, but the drawings should be in all languages.




Matthias Dyrkjaer Kisch is a design student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. My main focus, and where my interest lies, is furniture design, architecture on a small scale and design on a large scale . I work with a very hands-on process with many prototypes, models and mockups along with computer and hand drawings.

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