Writing a design program – part 1

As I’ve started my program writing and started my initial research and registrations, I’m getting more and more into the idea of making a series of park furniture for some of the parks in Copenhagen. I’ve started looking into the parks named on the map. Two of the parks/recreational spaces already have a type of moveable outdoor furniture. But those areas I will use as cases for why there’s a need for more public furniture – especially the kind you can make your own.

This will mean that the semester course will work with the problems and opportunities of settling in the open space. And the furniture should aim to develop an understanding and sensitivity for the context. While still giving a new opportunity for people to inhabit and take control over a small part of the public space.

The furniture will create a small node in the larger landscape. And the collective look of the furniture will develop a greater appreciation of the comparison between the open uninterupted landscape and the more intricate labyrinth of furniture placed on the open surface.

So far the program is very general – I’m trying not to lock my self to much on a design since I’ve still got around 100 days to finish this semester and before my final semester presentation. The only thing that is ‘fairly’ locked is the idea I have for doing a stackable piece of furniture.

Copenhagen map

Map of Copenhagen


About dyrkjaer.dk

Matthias Dyrkjaer Kisch is a design student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. My main focus, and where my interest lies, is furniture design, architecture on a small scale and design on a large scale . I work with a very hands-on process with many prototypes, models and mockups along with computer and hand drawings.

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